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Pinnacle Peak of North Scottsdale

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With its sunny weather most of the year and courts spread out all over the city, Scottsdale is a perfect home for the tennis fans. From the USTA-sanction Scottsdale Open tennis tournament to private courses to public parks, tennis is widely played and courts available throughout the city.

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Scottsdale, particularly North Scottsdale, is known for fabulous golf, including resident pros, the prestigious Waste Management Open, and the scores of must-play golf courses that are the envy of the golfing world -- including North Scottsdale communities.

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With its world-famous panoramic views of the mountains and scenic Sonoran Desert, the Pinnacle Peak area offers hundreds of opportunities to get out in Nature easily and safely for all experience levels.

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Scottsdale is an internationally renowned tourism attraction, and that means a lot more amenities than the magnificent scenery and outdoors.

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